Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lino cutting - lesson 1

Last Christmas I put a linocutting set on my wish list, expecting a red handle with interchangeable blades like the ones we had in school. But my daughter knows how much pleasure I'd get from this set:

From the flocked card of the box to the way the tools rest in your hand it's a joy! I've played with tools from time to time, but not having found any suitable books/tutorials haven't really challenged myself. So when Dijanne Cevaal announced that she was doing an on-line course I signed up

Exercise 1 was a kind of warming up exercise, using different tools in different ways to create a range of marks on a 12" x 12" piece:

Exercise 2 focused on positive and negative images, which is something I've struggled with in the past:

Exercise 3 was to create a repeating pattern on a smaller piece of lino - 2.5" square. I made two of these as I wanted to try curved and straight lines:


Sandra Wyman said...

I really covet those lino tools - I only have the aforementioned red handle ones. Good prints too! Hope you've recovered from FOQ.

indigocarole said...

Welcome to the club! I've just been in the first workshop and yes, I covet those tools as well. Please ask her where she bought them. I soon blunted the plastic handle ones, but have another set of wood cutting tools. I can't stop looking for patterns and inspiration to print more. You have been warned.

Julie said...

I have been thinking about doing this course too so I'll be interested to follow your progress. I've only got the cheapy set too. I like the leaf prints, very elegant.

Unknown said...

So much inspiration! I got my lino cutting things out last weekend - made a horrible mess and put them away again. I'll have a look at Dijannes's blog and find the class! Thank you

Sharne Gregory said...

What a lovely set of lino cutting tools. I only have the red one like most people with the heads that you change. Cant wait to see what else you do, I was tempted to do the course but chickened out. I wish I hadnt.

magsramsay said...

Interesting results - I've just booked myself on the next course!
Several years ago I went on a 2 day course at the V&A and bought myself some bit and bobs which I haven't used since. The emphasis was on design (from the Indian Galleries)and we got a priviliged view of some orginal prints in the library but I'd like to know more about the technicalities