Tuesday, January 03, 2012

December JQ

Another JQ inspired by the Glenthorne workshop. This is a direct copy in fabric of a paper exercise that I thoroughly enjoyed. We took our jug outline and created a page of overlapping jugs, then using a mask translated various shapes to a grid. The idea was to use a 2" mask to transfer to a grid of 2" squares but I found that this didn't create the simpler outlines that I wanted so I used a 1" mask and a 2" grid. I can see this being a useful exercise to repeat but the abstraction also works for me.  I can see plenty of ways to play with scale, pattern, texture ...... This is just a 30 second sketch based on right hand square on the second row:

I could be here for hours!


Sandra Wyman said...

Love this - colours, shapes, everything!

Hilary said...

Who's a clever girl? You've been at the paints again. Very Clarice Cliff (to me anyway).

Just been reading that we should be thinning our paints with extenders rather than water - another commercial ploy I wonder? The advice was from Jane Dunnewold, so maybe not.


indigocarole said...

It's lovely. Just the thing for today's wet, windy and stormy weather.

Diane Perin said...

Wow. I love this. What a fun exercise and I love what you have produced. This could be a wonderful jump to a large quilt.